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Taliajah “Teddy” Vann

Position: 2022-2023 Student Body President

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Born in Henderson, NC. Raised in Durham, NC

Bio: Pursuing a degree in Political Science & Film Studies and an Entrepreneurship Minor. “I have had a stormy relationship with our university because I refuse to accept less than excellence from it. I believe that UNC is a community of the nation’s best and brightest students, and our student body deserves the very best from the university that we call home. I ran for this office with carefully crafted policy aims designed to help every member of the student body—undergraduate, graduate, and professional students alike—feel proud to attend UNC.”

Fun Fact: I collect vinyl records and adore alternative rock albums, particularly The World Won’t Listen by The Smiths.


Samuel Robinson

Position: 2021-2022 Undergraduate Vice President

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Monroe, North Carolina

Bio: Samuel is majoring in Political Science and History. “I look forward to bringing new folks into external appointments, working hard to correct the hardship parking process, working with the administration as a co-chair of the Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor, and doing all I can to make President Vann’s vision a reality.”

Fun Fact: I play 11 instruments! The most obscure is probably the harmonica.

Logan Grodsky

Position: 2021-2022 Undergraduate Treasurer

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Bayside, NY

Bio: Logan is majoring in Public Policy. “Having served in the Undergraduate Senate this year as a member of the Finance Committee and having served as a student organization treasurer, I understand the great importance and value of student government finance. I saw the office of the Undergraduate Treasurer as one where I could truly make a positive difference for the student body, taking on their financial trust.

Fun Fact: I am a third-generation Tar Heel – my dad graduated from UNC in 1987 and my grandfather graduated from UNC in 1959.


Victoria Bryant

Position: Chief of Staff

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Garner, NC

Bio: Victoria is pursuing a degree in Public Policy & Political science with a Spanish for the Legal Professions Minor. “I pursued this student officer position because I believe the role aligns with my values of knowledge, equity, and connection. Additionally, I want to create conditions that allow for the revolutionary realization of the incoming administration’s platform goals. I look forward to facilitating a secure and dynamic work environment for all members.”

Fun Fact: I’ll be studying abroad for a month in the Galapagos Islands this summer!

Spencer Shores

Position: Secretary and Chief Comm Officer

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Bio: Majoring in Business Administration and Public Policy Double Major, “The changing values and needs of the student body that are oftentimes overlooked in the face of seemingly more pressing issues served as the main source of me pursuing the position of Undergraduate Secretary. Being able to truly be involved in representing the student body as a whole is an exciting opportunity. I’m looking forward to being involved in something entirely new and growing as a person within the role so I can step out of my comfort zone in a new dimension.”

Fun Fact: I’m going to 7 different countries this summer.

Rayna Young

Position: Director of State and External Affairs

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Bio: Rayna is a Political Science and American Studies with a minor in Public Policy. “I was inspired to serve on student government because I wanted to increase access to civic engagement for the UNC student body, and I believe the Vann administration will support that initiative. I look forward to advocating on behalf of students to local officials, and keeping the student body informed of political issues that affect them.”

Fun Fact: I believe in astrology, and am a textbook Virgo.

Aidan Blevins

Position: Senior Advisor

Status: Incoming

Hometown: New Albany, Ohio

Bio: Aidan is an Economic and Public Policy major.  “I look forward to supporting President Vann’s platform and goals, uplifting the Executive Branch, and strengthening interrelationships between UNC’s Student Government branches, student organizations, university administrators, and other constituencies.

Fun Fact: I am the only left-handed person in my family!


Ananya Tadikonda

Position: 2022-2023 Senior Advisor

Status: Concurrent

Hometown: Boyds, Maryland

Bio: Ananya is an undergraduate student, studying Health Policy and Management and Biology. “I am inspired by a commitment to service and advocacy on behalf of historically marginalized populations at UNC.”

Fun Fact: I have 12 first cousins!


Hunter “Nicholas” Vaughan

Position: 2022-2023 Senior Advisor

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Bio: I am a rising senior majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Spanish for the Medical Professions and Statistics. I have been involved in Student Government since my first year at UNC!

Fun Fact: I am trilingual