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Andrew Draper

Position: Student Attorney General

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Greenville

Bio: Law student, “I first joined the UNC Honor System because I wanted to help protect and promote the values that have made UNC a world-renowned institution and environment.”

Fun Fact: I am Iranian-American


Jared Mark

Position: Honor Court Chair

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Bio: UNC School of Law,I was inspired by previous mentors in undergraduate school and was looking for a way to pay it forward as well as give back to my Carolina community. I hope to bolster relationships between the Honor Court, GPSG, and graduate student body to increase Honor Court recruitment and ensure the Honor System is as effective as possible.”

Fun Fact: I am an identical twin!

Aimee Murphy

Position: Honor System Outreach Coordinator

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Zebulon, NC

Bio: Aimee is pursuing a Master’s of Public Health degree, Leadership in Practice Concentration,While in undergrad, I enjoyed the sense of community during my involvement in student organizations. My enrollment as a graduate student is fully remote through the MPH@UNC program, so I want an opportunity to be able to re-engage with the Carolina Community to the fullest extent possible. I hope to strengthen the relationship between the Honor System and other Student Government branches, continue to foster a positive perception and increase awareness and knowledge of the Honor System and Honor System process, and effectively serve as an inclusive liaison between the Honor System, students, faculty, and staff to ensure a diverse representation of the Carolina Community.”

Fun Fact: I was a competitive dancer for 15 years (tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, and lyrical).