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Vanessa Chazal

Position: Undergraduate Student Attorney General

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Morehead City, NC

Bio: Vanessa is studying Public Policy and Peace, War, and Defense with a minor in Music. “I want to continue to uphold the ideals of integrity and honesty at Carolina by providing students dignity, autonomy, and fair treatment throughout the Honor System process. By acting as the Attorney General, I will be able to ensure that our staff continues to uphold these virtues and values and that everyone at UNC continues to treat each other with kindness and maintain their own virtues of integrity and honor.”

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 45 seconds.

Cole Ventura

Position: Undergraduate Honor Court Chair

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Davidson, NC

Bio: Statistics Major,It’s been my dream since I was a first-year. I served on my high school Honor Court and jumped at the chance to serve here at UNC. Once I sat in a few cases, I fell in love with it so much that I wanted to take a larger role in leadership, and that continued until well being the Chair. I’m looking forward to communicating with the office of student conduct to hopefully eliminate any backlog in the pending cases that we have while making sure each of our cases within the honor system is heard and processed as unbiased as possible.”

Fun Fact: I’m colorblind and a triplet


Jesus Enriquez

Position: Honor System Outreach Coordinator

Status: Incoming

Hometown: Forest City, North Carolina

Bio: Jesus is studying Public Policy and Political Science, “The desire to help fellow students. I have come to learn in my short life that people make mistakes and I really seek to help students learn from their mistakes and move forward. I hope to bring more diversity into the honor system as well as inform more students on what the honor system does and reduce the negative stigma that people associate the honor system with.”

Fun Fact: I do rodeos as a hobby